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Testimonials from Clients

“As a Hospice nurse, my wife Eve felt she had found her calling in life. She felt it a privilege to help people through their final days of life. In 2005 Eve had a terrible automobile accident caused by a construction vehicle. We needed good representation since we knew this would be a long and difficult battle. We hired an attorney and he started the process of contacting the insurance company to proceed with our lawsuit. We started to become discouraged as we heard very little from our lawyer and my wife was out of work. Six months went by with no results and almost no communication. I ran into an old friend of mine who is a corporate lawyer and vented my frustration. He recommended we speak with Kevin Kuehner.

We met with Kevin and discussed our case. Our meeting lasted two hours. I was amazed at the level of attention and concern Kevin demonstrated towards my wife and me. He was willing to spend as long as we needed to hear our case. We decided to hire Kevin as our lawyer. It wasn't until our current lawyer got the letter from Kevin transferring the case to him that he decided to call us. He said he was ready to settle the case and gave me a settlement number that wasn't acceptable.

We started our journey with Kevin that took a serious turn when we realized my wife's injuries were worst than we first realized. She began forgetting things. Which was a huge concern since we all considered her the ‘human day timer.’ She began struggling with basic math. An area as a nurse you have to excel in or you could not do your job. I noticed the stove left on, the refrigerator left open and Eve unable to follow a recipe. It became clear that he had some type of injury to her brain. She went to the Upstate Concussion Clinic and was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. That would mean she could never work again. Never do the thing she was called to do.

Kevin took our case to the next level. He contacted experts in the area of traumatic brain injury. Soon he became an expert himself. He treated us and our case as if it was one of his own family members. He met personally with us as often as we needed. It was not uncommon to meet for a couple of hours. He sent us to experts in the field of brain injury. Kevin soon put together a case that got the attention of the insurance company. We met with the insurance company to do a mediation. The meeting was supposed to be four hours. After Kevin's presentation they didn't know how to respond. His presentation was so detailed and impacting that they knew this was going to have to settle for more than they had prepared for. The meeting ended in just over an hour.

Our lawsuit journey has finally ended, but our life journey with our new challenges have just begun. We settled our case for an amount exponentially beyond the amount our first lawyer was going to get us. We would have struggled the rest of our life if we had stayed with him. The settlement Kevin got for us has enabled us to focus on Eve's recovery and not be burdened with financial pressures. Thanks to Kevin's diligence, strategy and persistence we can focus on the thing that matters most.

If you need a lawyer that will not look at you as just another case, call Kevin. He takes your case personally and will get results. The process of a lawsuit is one of the most stressful ordeals you will go through. The outcome impacts the rest of your life. Make sure you choose a lawyer that will do what is best for you and stick with you for the long run. Kevin has been that for Eve and I.”

Mark Conti

“A couple of years ago, our son was in a world of trouble with a 13 year old girl accusing him of things which would have been quite a feat considering the 5 minute span it supposedly happened in and to us seemed like a ridiculous accusation...until the police pounded on our door. The lawyer we had at the time seemed pretty good but he wouldn't ask the questions of testifiers we wanted him to and we felt a lot of key facts weren't brought to light. Unfortunately he was found guilty and was sentenced for 5 to 25 years. Seeing your child led away in handcuffs is the most heart-rending moment of any parent's life and after the sadness comes the anger and trying to find ways to rectify the situation.

Luckily, we were led to Kevin Kuehner by an odd chance conversation about a lawyer who had dealt with the same court, the same judge, and the same investigator but not the same charge. It was a charge of arson and his clever way of proving the accused to be innocent showed us the intelligence and thoughtfulness of his way of handling a case.

Mr. Kuehner handled our son's appeal with a criminal lawyer who he was very close with and his presentation was spectacular. We knew what to expect every step of the way. Every decision was made by us using all the helpful information he provided as he thought of every scenario. Some of the decisions were very hard to make. Our son was finally released from a maximum security prison and we started again dealing with the district attorney.

Mr. Kuehner was a pleasure to work with and we felt his knowledge, tact, appearance, and caring attitude combined to make the perfect lawyer for our needs. If he is unable to represent someone for any reason, he knows who can handle the problem. We enjoyed watching him work his ‘magic’ using intelligence, training, and knowledge. His perfect manner and his good humor made us very comfortable with our choice of representation. Our ending was a happy one. The choice of legal counsel is a tough one to make because there are so many to choose from and I feel our first choice wasn't the best. Happily we found Kevin and recommend him highly.”

Very sincerely,

Paul, Brenda, and Shane Karika

Testimonials from Colleagues

“I enthusiastically endorse this lawyer's work. Kevin is bright and articulate and all the things you expect of a trial attorney. What separates Kevin from his peers, though, is his unfailing belief in his client's cause. Strong advocacy is impossible without a strong belief in your position. Kevin is an incredible advocate for his clients, and a credit to the entire plaintiff's bar.”

Adam Gee – Elmira, NY
Fellow lawyer in community

“In the time I have spent working with Mr. Kuehner I have found him to be dedicated, talented, intelligent and resourceful. Any client should be pleased to have Mr. Kuehner on their side.”

Donald Kelly – Syracuse, NY
Fellow lawyer in community

“I endorse this lawyer's work. Kevin is one of the star personal injury lawyers in the Syracuse area. He sometimes calls me to "brainstorm" his cases, and I am always impressed at how carefully and thoroughly he has planned out his trial strategies. I recently read a mediation submission that he prepared for a very seriously injured client. It was extremely well organized and presented, with all the supporting documents tagged into the main body of his submission for easy reference. Kevin really cares deeply about his clients, and will go to bat for them very, very hard.”

Michael Bersani – Auburn, NY
Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known Attorney Kuehner since law school where he excelled at trial advocacy. Mr. Kuehner has continued his excellence in trial work through his representation of clients in many different areas of the law where he also has achieved many positive results. Mr. Kuehner achieves his results without compromising his ethics or civility in any way.”

David Snyder – Liverpool, NY
Opposing Counsel on matter

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